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Capturing the story behind your brand.

At Verwolf Productions, we are passionate about our craft and look forward to working with you on your next project. We have a diverse group of creatives who are passionate about the craft and have no boundaries to where their ideas will take them.


Our Journey

We live in a world where audiences are overloaded with content. In our world – we don’t think of our projects as interruptions, we think of them as something that defies the ordinary. Our process is the pursuit of something more – a search for the kind of thing that stops you in your tracks.

Our Values

We encourage the outrageous, and we have the guts to go beyond the typical. Everything we create is built around the personality, products & the specific business targets of our clients so that your video(s) convert customers into sales giving you maximum results.

Our Team

If you’re looking for an engaging, informative, and meaningful video that promotes your company or product, we’re the right agency for you. We know a project is only as good as the team you place around it, and thats why our network of storytellers are the best in the biz.


Full-Service Production

We are there at every step of the process. From development to pre-production, production, and post-production, we create videos that drive results.

Final Delivery

Were is your video going? Besides to the top and over your competitors… After we delivery the video files we encode and size them for every social media, website, e-commerce and online video platform you can think of!

Video Partnership

Let’s make big things happen. When we say we become your video partners, we are serious about being there for the entire process.

Post Production

Once we have all the film footage, this is where the film comes to life. The Hilo Brand color system comes from a long lineage of technicolor hollywood based looks. The cinematic feel and vibe stems from this final phase of editing and sets up light years ahead of our competitors.

Pre Production Planning

Pre-production, or the planning and logistics phase of a video project, is where most of the magic happens — long before you hit the “record” button. From Concept to creation we nail it all down.

4k Video Production

We add a touch of "big screen motion picture" to every video we create.  Every video is customized to your brand, audience and marketing plan.

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